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©2001 Rev Paul R. Schmidtbleicher, ThM

Selected Poems

The following Christian poems have been composed by Holly L. (Schmidtbleicher) Thorn

The Christmas Gift of Love and Life - A poem on the Birth of Christ.

Tomorrow - A poem for the one who would procrastinate when it comes to their eternal destiny.

The Cross - A poem on the Sacrifice and Death of Christ.

Waves of Grace - A poem about daily "grace" provisions.

Be Still - A poem about waiting on the Lord for His Will.

The Cherry Tree - A poem about God's All Encompassing Plan working itself out in ever changing stages of our lives.

Salvation's Eternal Flame - A poem about the Eternal Security of the Believer in Christ.

Love You With My Life - A poem of the Believer's response to the awesome grace of God.

Friendship and Love Poems for the Christian Waiting Upon the Lord and Seeking God's Perfect Mate

Heart of Glass - A poem of prayer in placing one's heart into the hands of the Lord for His Will in matters of love

Friendship's Face - A poem about the precious nature of friendship